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the three amigos behind Kontur wood works


John Kontur (FATHER)

A skilled craftsman, John Kontur is our master builder + visionary. Over 30 years of hands-on design and build experience isn't the only value John adds to our clients. There is no job too complex or vision too unique that he hasn't been able to craft it. He has the unique ability to create according to outlandish requirements, making your custom built dreams come true! 


Grace Kontur (DAUGHTER)

Although she may seem an unlikely woodworker, Grace uses her critical experience hand-crafting furniture in combination with years of client relations to bridge the gap between concept + final product. Known for her ability to produce iconic collaborations, Grace loves to include talents from local artisans to create heirloom items for each client. From consultation to project completion, she is committed to not only delivering an excellent customer experience, but excellent wood finishing work as well.


John Kontur (SON)

Carrying the family name, John (Johnny) is also learning the family business. A gentleman and hard working Akronite, John shares his fathers passion for uncovering the beauty within wood. This is evident through his superior sand + finish work. John is a creative out-of-the box thinker, who assists with building projects and final presentation. As a woodworker, John is intermediate in what he feels will be a life long journey learning about his craft.